A pretty strong skill with draw backs, use with caution or under Banding. Increases damage against Bakonawa, Bangungot and Buwaya by 10%. A viable tank item especially if you want to have high MDef. A set piece for Airship Set. The royal guard quest is very easy. If used together, +8 STR and INT. Gives 3% chance to Stun an enemy when the wearer receives Physical Damage. 104 Str 50 Agi 80 Vit 1 Int 100 Dex 1Luk Most important is Str and Dex, then comes vit and if you got all up there then comes agi. Have a question about this project? Places a temporary buff on the user and all players nearby that blocks all damage, regenerates a portion of their Max HP every second, and purges and protects them of several status effects also making them unable to move, attack or use skills. Increases Holy resistance by 2%. Probably the most expensive and most fashionable middle headgear available. A good upgrade from Lance due to it's Holy Property and indestructibility, especially when you already have access to Overbrand. Increases resistance against Wind property attacks by 20%. Damage scales with AGI. Recommended Level : 1 for Tanks / 10 for DPS, Recommended Level : 0 or 1 (Cavalier Mastery : 0 for tanks / 5 for DPS), NOTE: If you are using a Two Handed Spear, Holy Cross will deal 2x damage thus making it easy to one shot Shadow and Undead Property Monsters, Recommended Level : 10 for leveling / 6 as pre requisite. Another armor great at PvP. Your main armor card especially if you are planning to go Geffenia, Old Glast Heim and Tendrillions at The Monster Hunter content. Mid: con slot y con Kiel D-01, Lord knight Card (solo para berserk de emergencia y con ifrit rings). Two-Handed Spears make Holy Cross deal double damage making leveling on Glast Heim easy. Best card for increasing overall damage especially Overbrand. Gives +2 to all stats and gives 8% ATK (too bad it's considered as Class Bonus). Can be obtained from. Cannot be destroyed, has high DEF, +2 INT, +3 VIT and MDef. Increases Class ATK by 1%. Enchants armor with Fire Property. It also changes your Size Modifier into Large, gives an additional 1000 Weight Capacity and increases your Movement Speed BUT you need to max. Recommended Level : 3 (gives 100% upkeep at this level) or 5 (more DEF and magic dodge), Recommended Level : 2 (mainly for getting Shield Spell). The slotted fire armor. The Royal Guard may choose to have some INT for the SP usage as typically it takes two casts of Overbrand to drop a mob of monsters if the character is not near a wall. A great shield for improving DPS. Enchants armor with Earth Property. A pretty good item for using Myst Case Card or Engkanto Card. Also gives a chance to get Red Blood when killing Brute type monsters. If worn with WoE Plate and Manteau, gives a total of 21% damage reduction from Demi-Humans. Can be obtained from Random Egg Pack from the Cash Shop. Also a must in Malangdo Culvert Instance. Best enchanted with Fighting Spirit or Expert Archer with Bear's Might, Hawk Eye or Lucky Day. Also gives a chance to get Green Live when killing Plant type monsters. If base VIT is 120 or higher, MaxHP +8%. Boosts maximum HP, physical defense, and grants a chance of building rage for a Rage Counter while taking damage. By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and A good starting accessory for starting tanks. Increases resistance to Undead property attacks by 30%. A must have to complete the set bonus with Airship Armor and Manteau. Has a combo effect with Advanced Ring Of The Flame Lord. AGI +3, VIT +1, MDef +2, MATK +10 and when receiving physical damage auto casts a LOT of skills. Royal Guard (Class 3) เงื่อนไข Crusader level 99/job level 50 หรือ Paladin level 99/job level 50 หรือมากกว่า ----> Royal Guard level 99/job level 1 พาหนะ : … Can also proc from reflect. Royal Guard Shield [1] The official shield of the Prontera Royal Guard. For every 3 refine level, MaxHP +100, MaxSP +10, ATK +7. Use it wisely if you're ever going to get it. Increases ATK and MATK by 1% and MaxSP by 30. The best headgear for builds that focus on using Banishing Point as it's main DPS skill. Primary Skill: Overbrand. [ ] Royal Guard Lv.105+ Overbrand ที่นิฟเฮมต่อครับ https://www.youtube.com/c/JayMeander/live An Overbrand-built Royal Guard sports high STR for damage, as well as good DEX and VIT for additional damage and survival, respectively. After reaching Level 45, I'm pretty sure that you are now able to change your Job into Crusader, so go back to Prontera's Main Office and change Job! to your account. Decreases resistance to ALL other property attacks by 50%. A good headgear especially for those who are new to the server. ATK +20. Helps hybridize as a spear build. Increases MaxHP by 1000. Increases damage against Demi-Human targets by 3%, DEF +1, Reduces damage from DemiHuman enemies by 1%. Gives a 3% chance of gaining 15% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Overbrand : .5 seconds http://irowiki.org/wiki/Earth_Drive : 1 second. The main weapon for Banishing Point builds due to the +20% increase damage of Banishing Point and Cannon Spear while every 2 refine also increases the damage by 3% which can also be enchanted in Malangdo with Expert Archer to further increase Banishing Point and Cannon Spear damage. Maximum HP / Maximum SP reduced by 1% per refine rate. Try to get this as soon as possible. Custom Equipment Quest (NPC is located South of Yuno), +1 ASPD. +5 FLEE. A must have when tanking MVPs especially at end game. The reason for this is that Sura's Steel Body, Doram's Stoop, Tuna Party and Arclouse Dash and Warlock's White Imprison are more reliable forms of tanking especially with how hard mobs and MVPs hit at end game. It may be annoying especially if you are trying to spam a skill. component:database component:skill. Also scales with STR. Increases resistance to Neutral property attacks by 50%. NOTE: DOES NOT AFFECT UNDEAD AND DEMON RACE MONSTERS. A very strong damage skill that requires three or more Royal Guards in Banding. A good counter against Suras that are about to cast Asura Strike and Mage's Energy Coat. You mainly get this if you need Earth resistance. Increases resistance to Medium and Large size monsters by 25%. Pretty powerful in any scenario as it can save you and your party from a strong spell. When receiving magic attacks from enemies, has a chance to cast Level 1 Maelstrom. You mainly get this if you need the resistance. You should also start doing pre requisite quests for. (In which will be your equipment until Level 125), Level range to join the first bracket of Gramps quests. Probably the best farming accessory just because of how easy it is to sell Alcohol and Karvodailnirol. For every 3 refine level, MaxHP +100, MaxSP +10, DEX +3. Maintaining this skill active will drain HP and SP. You mainly get this if you need Water resistance. Endless Tower List is now available! Royal Guards that are Banded will be able to use Hesperus Lit and Ray of Genesis. On Royal Guard Breakthrough, The gap between SC and Overbrand will be alot lower cause of shield defense lvl 15 which will add 1 M.Atk per 6 m.def and 1 atk per 12 def and +100 mdef. NOTE: The skill description doesn't state about the increase in CritRate but if you check your Status Tab, it increases it. Over Brand draws a cross on the ground which deals damage in front of a pinpointed area. Has a low chance of activating +20 resistance to Neutral property monsters while being physically attacked. If you are going with a party, there are other places that are better to start at. Shield Spell Level 2 can cast Magnificat. Feel free to go to Floor 4 and 5 if you are confident that you can one shot monster with Holy Cross. (Have at least 20-30 DEX to be able to hit things and then go YOLO with STR to one hit monsters with BASH) After you have maxed both Bash and Increase HP recovery, go to the second floor and spam Bash on Soldier Skeletons and Archer Skeletons for more XP. MaxSP -300. Recommended for PvP. MDEF +3. Increases resistance to Fire property attacks by 30%. it was missing the level scaling few months and only does 1500% with SQ10 and only deals almost just as much as vp10 at 175, i was going to report it along with Ignition Break but it seems Overbrand got fixed and IB is the one left missing the scaling so far. STR +2. Adds chance of auto casting Level 1 Heal on the user when the user receives Physical Damage. A must have if you're planning to PvP or go to Bio Labs. Although the skill is limited, usable only under Inspiration status or having 3 or more Royal Guards in Banding making it very hard to use. Why they are good and why you should pick them. Has no effect other than being slotted. Can have random Stat enchantments depending on how lucky the instance runners (highest possible stat is 18) and refinement is based on how fast the run was (highest possible refinement is +11). Increases resistance to Poison property attacks by 30%. Royal guards are a powerhouse when it comes to pvp and guild wars because of their durability and almost impenetrable defense … +5 FLEE. +1 AGI. Pets are actually an important part of the game. After becoming a High Swordsman (Spearsman), go do the. Primary Skill: Overbrand. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. Increases resistance against Shadow property attacks by 20%. Every 2 refine increases ATK and MATK by 1% and reduces MaxHP by 2%. Increases resistance to Holy Property by 5%. overbrand royal guard Build Guide. This page has been accessed 86,039 times. Increases Neutral Property resistance by 1% every refine when upgraded to +5. Variable Casting Speed reduced by 3%. (always remember to pray). If the target has acquired a buff/debuff, they can acquire a new buff/debuff if they're still in the Area of Effect or return to it every 10 seconds. Increases resistance to Neutral property by 10%, +10 FLEE, Reduces Variable Casting Time by 20%. Increases resistance to Fire Property attacks by 10%. Gives a huge amount of HP and SP thanks to the set bonus. Makes PvM a piece of cake. Your first upgrade from Eden Boots. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. MaxHP +5%. Increases VIT by 1 and MaxHP by 5%. Probably one of the most underused skills from Royal Guards but also one of the most useful. Increases resistance against Earth property attacks by 20%. You're suppose to have fun and not get angry when playing. A good alternative for Ancient Gold Ornament and Pendant of Maelstroms if you want the HP increase (considering it's a +9 Runaway Chip). Do note that weak mobs now give Fly Wing, making it easier to navigate maps at early levels. Increases resistance to all Sizes by 15%. Killing monsters has a chance to drop Alcohol, Detrimindexta and Karvodailnirol. Reduces Long Range damage against you by 5%. They can only do is talk or sit until the duration. Increases MaxHP by +300 and MaxSP by +30. Increases ATK by 25 and reduces DEF by 5. Additionally, Find The Best Monsters To Hunt For … Royal Guards will regenerate HP 50% faster and they will share same average HP. Both good for PvM and PvP. A legit way of increasing damage especially against Earth Property Monsters, most notable is, Increases HP recovery and allows you to recover HP while moving thanks to. DEF +20. It can be enchanted with Expert Archer, ASPD and After cast delay which is all good for Banishing Point. Reduces damage from Demi-Human enemies by 10%. Can be shared via Devotion. Upgrading Safety Ring via Energy Crystal @go Eden. You mainly get this if you need the resistance. If upgraded to +7, gives you 1% chance to Auto Cast Heal level 5 (or depending on the level learned) whenever you receive damage. This skill also increases HardMDEF when the skill is active. Sign in Increases DEF by 1. Useful for changing or keeping agro in parties. Cash Shop (4000 CC) / Ifrit (10%) / Kraken (20%) / Ferre (0.10%). Most of their class specific equipments are also high on DEF which makes them naturally tanky. If refinement is +9, MaxHP +10% and MaxSP +50%. Shield Spell buffs doesn't wore off even if you remove the equipped shield. Every refinement adds +1 DEF. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/index.php?title=From_Zero_To_Hero,_The_Fruit_Salad%27s_Guide_for_Royal_Guards&oldid=11239, Your main DPS when leveling as a Swordsman. Increases resistance to Wind Property attacks by 10%. Slotting it will be costly. A must have if you're planning to PvP or go to Bio Labs. Mainly for achieving 100% Holy Resistance. Increases MaxSP depending on the refinement and also gives a SP Leech. One of the best tanking accessories as it gives a lot of sustain thru Renovatio and Sanctuary. It also removes any positive and negative buffs that you may have. This chance is increased to 9% when Base DEX is equal or greater than 77. Overbrand (Alt: Over Brand) is a 3 rd class offensive skill available as Royal Guard.. Effect. OB,ED,EB,MS should all have full variable casting time. Gospel and Inspiration will remove all positive and negative buffs on cast. A good starting card for Banishing Point builds. Gives +10 MDef. Pinpoint Attack is considered as a long range attack. Pretty useful for Banishing Point builds. If equipped with Bison Horn, +1 ASPD. NOTE: For Vanishing Point oriented Royal Guards, Imperial Spear is the BEST weapon. Increases MaxHP by 5%. Do note that each Crimson weapon has it's own enchanted property. Can be enchanted using Bloody Coins. Increases resistance to Holy property by 3%. Another good headgear for tanking and Devo-ing. +1 to All Stats. Enchants armor with Wind Property. ATK +5%. Best Card Set for both defense and offense. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. One of your main offensive skill in PvP as it can remove Spirit Spheres or break the target's Shield, Armor or Weapon. You literally wont come back to town unless you're 90% Weight Limit. If refined to +9, +15 ATK/MATK. Pretty good in mobby places such as Payon Cave. They will give you tons so drink away! Royal Guards (or commonly known as "RG") specializes in being able to do "almost" everything by Supporting itself and it's party thanks to Crusader's/Paladin's skills Heal, Devotion and Gospel/Battle Chant and the newly acquired skills: King's Grace and Piety while still being able to be a strong Offensive member by dealing a large amount of damage with Banishing Point, Cannon Spear and Overbrand or use Banding with other Royal Guards to be able to use Hesperus Lit and Ray of Genesis. Increases damage against Shadow property by 5%. Feel free to pick and choose between the best pets available for the game. Reduces damage from Demi-Human enemies by 3%. A must for PvP. Best trade-in would be Oridecon Box for upgrading or for selling. Looks pretty cool too! Especially useful when using Devotion as this is also transferred to your Devo'ed party member. Copy link Quote reply Paoly28 commented Aug 13, 2015. Secondary skills: Banishing Point and Pinpoint Attack. Another great item for tanking. If enemies have high FLEE (or activated Increase AGI) use Overbrand to knock them back to the wall to deal damage (collision damage cannot miss). Decreases MaxHP by 1%. The set bonuses are just too good not to pass it up. Perfect for farming as you have a large Weight Limit. Welcome to ROGuard the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love database! Enchants armor with Shadow Property. Since Royal Guards have the option to be a Support, Tank or DPS, it will all come to what your preference will be. Can easily achieve high DPS with Expert Archer Enchants and Long Range ATK modifiers but having high ASPD can be hard to come by if you are solo-ing. +1% ATK if Base STR is 110. Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. You mainly get this if you need the resistance. One of the best tanking items in the game. Upgrading Ring of the Flame Lord via Energy Crystals @go Eden. Best use for PvP and saves Accessory Slot for better options. Consumes half of your SP (by other Royal Guards in Banding). Use the free Novice Potions for healing. ... For monsters, they are unable to move for a short period. Effective for decreasing damage against you in PvM. It also shares all the Self Buffs that the Crusader has such as Auto Guard, Endure, Reflect Shield and Defender. I usually use it when I don't have any consumables with me and need an emergency "Yggberry" or in conjunction with Inspiration to triple my DPS. Has the same stats as, Cash Shop (5000 CC) + Spiritual Auger for slotting (7500 CC) = 12500 CC. A good armor overall which can also be enchanted. Mainly used for using Shield Spell Level 1 for getting the highest possible ATK bonus from it. +4 STR, -4 INT and ATK +12. If worn with WoE Plate and Greaves, gives a total of 21% damage reduction from Demi-Humans. Enchants armor with Ghost Property. A self buff that makes the next attack deal a large amount of damage depending on the weapon's weight and weapon level. This makes the run easier and makes the Arch Bishop's role easier especially in healing. Increases resistance against Holy property attacks by 20%. It also has a very long cooldown of 30 minutes. Casttime:X = Has X casttime of which 20% is fixed and 80% is variable, Variable Casttime:X, Fixed casttime:Y = Has some variable and some fixed casttime, Variable Casttime:X = Has only variable casttime. The lack of practical exam makes the job change easy. If used with Long Horn, Hunting Spear or Battle Hook, increases DEF by 2 and ATK by 4%. Another thing to point out is that it shares it's main weapon with Banishing Point which is an Imperial Spear thus making it easier to make it "the AoE" skill for Banishing Point builds. Mostly Supportive Skills that you will still use even if you are already a Royal Guard. Mission Board Quests are now available! Its a very powerful buff that is unique to Royal Guards. If there are more than two Royal Guard with Banding active within 7x7 cell range of each other, increases Royal Guards’ ATK and DEF. This armor is a double edged sword, whenever Heal and Storm Gust procs, it gives a huge delay on the wearer unless you have Bragi, but it gives you a massive amount of survivability by proc-ing them via Reflect Damage making you cast Heal and Storm Gust like crazy! Rage Counters from Force Of Vanguard doesn't miss thus making Overbrand knockback enemies with it. King Schmidtz knew that to defend his kingdom from the terrors and chaos of the world he would need a special defense unit that answered only to him. Reduces damage from Demi-Human enemies by 2%. For every 3 refine level, MaxHP +300, MaxSP +10. Increases ATK and MATK by 6%. Recommended Level : 5 (I suggest maxing this skill no mater what build you're going), Recommended Level : 1 for DPS and 3 for Tanks.