However, when you use it over an oil-based primer, the latter prevents it from ruining the surface, given that you sand it properly. Good idea? Bashing my head against the walls in some of the internet's finest chat rooms. Wrong! Most primers will exhibit some stain covering capacity, but by selecting a primer that highlights that ability in its name or high on its list of features, you will get the benefit of maximum hiding power. Alkyd-modified latex The 100% acrylic latex has a reputation as the performing type of the three thanks to the fact that it binds so well to the surface and, above all, retains good color. Latex paint isn’t quite as durable as many types of alkyd paint. There are no teeth involved. Latex paint is easier to clean up with just soap and water. You can learn more than you need or want to know about latex paints and primers at the web site of the Paint Quality Institute. Alkyd paint that hasn’t yet cured, on the other hand, can safely be painted with either alkyd or natural oil-based paint without fear of cracking the top coat. New Look, Same Trusted Formula, KILZ 2 ALL New Look, Same Trusted Formula, KILZ 2 ALL PURPOSE 5 Gal. If you want to use latex paint over alkyd paint, you must prepare the surface beforehand and apply primer. With primer paint solutions for most surfaces - from drywall to the kitchen and bathroom - KILZ® primers help block stains, seal orders and have a mildew resistant finish. Excellent adhesion and sealing for interior surfaces; Excellent hide; Stain blocker As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Furthermore, alkyd paint retains its sheen for much longer than other types of paint. Galvanized Metal Primer – Galvanized metal, gutters and flashing, require special care before painting, this includes the use of a alkyd primer designed for galvanized surfaces. Nestor, So my neighbor who is staining his neglected cedar sided home said he was going to use oil stain(alkyd), not acrylic latex. The first pick on our list is the KILZ … IN THE BEGINNING, all ready-mixed house paints were oil-based. Product Manager and PPG Paint Specialist: Usually, a quality latex or water-based paint will be sufficient to fulfill your painting needs. While it is perfectly fine to paint alkyd paint over latex, the same cannot be said for latex over alkyd. Alkyd-oil primers are recommended, but one may choose a high-quality latex primer as long as it contains stain blockers. (Due to differing expansion qualities of the two coatings.) Let’s Discuss This Here. Oil-based paints are made with either alkyd (synthetic) or linseed (natural) oils. Flat paints have a high pigment to resin ratio and are very porous. Because of alkyd paint’s glossy surface, there is not enough texture for a new layer of paint to hold onto. JavaScript is disabled. If you're using a latex paint over an alkyd primer or vice versa, the improvement in adhesion is entirely because of the larger surface area of the primer than a smoother substrate would have. | Privacy Policy | Contact | About | Terms of Use | Disclaimer/Disclosure | DMCA Notice | Amazon Disclaimer, I may earn a small commission if you buy through the links in this website. Don’t Use As A Primer... Never use a flat latex paint as a primer under eggshell paints. Alkyd paint is more common because it is less expensive and tougher. Stain blocking primer. You can apply EITHER a latex or oil based paint over EITHER a latex or oil based primer. Nowadays MPI #69 solvent-based bonding primer, or the more popular low-VOC alternative MPI #17 waterbased bonding primer are used, followed by two coats of the new latex topcoat. These waterborne alkyd paints offer the superior performance of standard alkyd paint, with virtually no solvents and far less VOCs. We decided to use the same brand for clear comparisons. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Latex is a superior finish to oil for a topcoat. This primer is used on woods prone to extractive bleeding, such as cedar and redwood, and must have bleeding resistance when applied to dry (less than 15% moisture content) wood substrates. Sign In to order online Compare | Coupon | Data ... Multi-Purpose Interior/Exterior Latex Primer/Sealer. Alkyd based primers are also better suited for areas that need to be sealed prior to coating, such as areas that are saturated with grease, nicotine, soot, glue, food residue, heavy crayon markings, and pencil or Sharpe markings. Helping You to Do It Yourself! Can You Burn Pressure Treated Wood? Water based primer ( aka Latex Paint Primer ) We used Zinsser 123 water based primer. I'm presuming you mean he intends to use an oil based solid stain on his cedar rather than what? Apply a stain-covering alkyd primer over the affected area, using a disposable paint brush. Latex Primer: Good for Drywall, that's about it. Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed and top coated with either a Alkyd, oil base, or Acrylic, Latex, finish. 5 Star rating out of 5. I think the answer is yes. KILZ 2 ALL PURPOSE primer also blocks light to medium stains and provides a mildew resistant coating. Just thought I would mention that some exterior Alkyd primers have a "Critical Recoat Time" in which they MUST be topcoated (usually with water-base paint), or there can be nasty issues down the road with adhesion. If the paint does not really seem to be affected by the test, it is typically an … Reasons to Use Latex Paint over an Oil Primer. Alkyd Industrial Oxide: Alkyd Primer-White: Alkyd Semi Gloss Rust Preventative: Alkyd Stain Killer-White: Aluminum Paint: Hide 'n Seal: Latex Bases: Latex Exterior House Paint: Latex Semi Gloss: Latex Stain Killer-White: Mildew Blocker: Shopcoat Red Metal Primer: Stain Killer Primer Sealer Shellac Based: Traffic Paint: Latex High Gloss Clever Tips to Make the Most of Your Hallway, 6 Kitchen Appliances to Streamline your Meal Preparation. Here is What we Think. Interior stains and odors. Alkyd paints are thick and provide a durable coat over any surface. When used on wooden surfaces, oil-based primers prevent the wood from releasing tannins and bleeding through the surface of the latex coat. Finish coatings, used over this primer include latex, alkyd and alkyd/oil based paints. Read About the Implications Here. Water Based Acrylic Alkyds. In 1941, Sherwin-Williams introduced Super Kem-Tone, the world's first latex house paint. Alkyd paints can be used in most of the surfaces but for a new stucco or concrete, it should not be directly applied. Do Duct Booster Fans Really Work? The Vinyl-acrylic is the cheaper option of the three, and is best for interior usage, especially the walls. Your email address will not be published. Alkyd paints are much more brittle than Latex … Here are a few suggestions and some strengths and weaknesses for both. I personally will only use Oil on bare wood. A: Put some denatured alcohol or fingernail polish remover on a cloth and lightly rub it on an inconspicuous test area. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Reichhold has previously presented research describing the polymer design and coating formulation of alkyd latex direct-to-metal primers. It will also lay down smoother and not lift the grain. As we said earlier, this is an advantage if your painting a small area like a bedroom or bathroom. Interestingly, though, on the other hand, you can’t use oil-based paints over latex paint. * If the paint softens and is easily removed, then it is a latex paint. This will increase your painting time, but worth it if … TIP: Pam says, “Oil or alkyd paint tends to spatter more than latex. Alkyd primers are better suited to address areas that have deep stains that need to be covered or blocked. For best results, fresh siding should be pre-primed on all six sides with a stain-blocking primer and top coated with 100-percent acrylic-latex paint. I've read that it is not acceptable to paint alkyd over latex but, either latex or alkyd may be applied over alkyd primer. Stain-blocking primers can be oil or water based. Use oil-based primer-sealer beneath alkyd paint and for severely chalked surfaces that cannot be thoroughly cleaned. If you are dead set on painting over with latex paint, you will need to paint a layer of primer first to increase the likelihood of paint adherence. You can also apply it over unfinished wood. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sealing Asphalt Driveway, List of Heavy Equipment You Will Need for House Renovations, The Hidden Problems In Old Homes and How to Deal With Them,, How To Remove Black Stains From Hardwood Floors (10 Effective Ways). Benjamin Moore Advance Interior Satin Paint. Oil-based primers, especially when used on unfinished surfaces, provide a proper seal that allows the top latex paint layer to cover the surface better. What Does EPDM, TPO, and SBS Stand for in House Roofing? When should you use Latex vs. Oil paint? A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. One drawback of latex paints is that they can end up swelling the grains of wood. The latex paints are smoother and they drag very easily on the surface. So the paint manufacturers have developed new, faster-drying technology in both oil and latex-based products that dry quickly yet still aid in the proper adhesion of your paint topcoat. Due to the strong adherence of the resin binder, you can actually apply alkyd paint over a latex paint. You can find other great brands such as Sherwin Williams, or international brands that also make these three types of primers., VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Scrape rusty areas clean before application. KILZ Adhesion High-Bonding Interior Latex Primer and Sealer. Comparison of water based vs shellac vs oil based paint primer. If you are rolling paint, overprotect areas you do not want to be painted, including your hands and arms. Sign In to order online Compare | Coupon | Data Sheets. Masonry Primer. However, the paint rep for Benj Moore (who seemed a bit more knowledgeable in general), said that since it is cedar, it needs to be sealed with an Alkyd stain blocking primer first to prevent tannins from leaking through, but then we can paint over it with the latex paint. (Previously KILZ 2 Latex) is a fast drying, water-base, multi-surface primer, sealer and stain blocker with excellent adhesion, sealing properties and very mild odor. A premium quality alkyd primer is a universal favorite when a quality under coater, sealer and stain blocking primer is needed. JMO, I've read that it is not acceptable to paint alkyd over latex. Back in the day, an alkyd undercoat such as a product approved under MPI #46 was the traditional choice for a bonding primer/tie coat over the alkyd. Paint metal surfaces to stop rust from starting and prevent existing rust from spreading. If there is a critical recoat time, it will be spelled out on the can. Oil based paints are always better for exterior. There are several reasons why it is a good idea to apply a masonry primer before paint. If latex is the chosen final product, is the surface then, in the future, only to be painted with latex products? It is a commonly held belief that oil-based paints don’t mix well with other types of paints; however, at the same time, it is also said that it is perfectly okay to use latex paint over an oil-based primer. If oil is used as a primer the thought is wood will absorb the oil and kinda "condition" and seal it. Common Rules for Choosing an Alkyd Primer either latex or alkyd may be applied over alkyd primer. This makes alkyds well-suited for interior trim, doors, cabinets and other high-use areas that require smooth durability. It’s easier to apply latex paint to a surface and it dries a lot faster. … Alkyd flat 19.9 Latex flat 27.0. From then on, painting contractors had a choice between oil-based alkyds and waterbased latex coatings. If latex is the chosen final product, is the surface then, in the future, only to be painted with latex products? Latex paints are good for wood, vinyl sidings, brick, stucco and aluminium sidings. Extreme Block Interior/Exterior Stain Blocking Alkyd Primer. If you have multi layers of build up though I wonder if oil even has a place. Latex is cheaper than acrylic paint. Oil will sometimes do that but that is just due to it soaking in, which is what you want. Latex or oil-based primer-sealer can be used under latex paint. However, in some circumstances, an oil or alkyd-based paint may also be used. Another difference can be seen in the odour. It penetrated deeper than latex, is more duarble than latex and will stop wood bleed where latex won't. An exterior latex paint? It can be used over oil or latex paint and performs equally well under all Benjamin Moore architectural finish coats. Originally published in PPC Magazine. Do Vent Filters Really Work? The solvent for both latex and waterborne alkyd paints is water, but these two paint types cure in very different ways. High gloss paint is often the go-to product when it … How Long Does It Take Primer to Dry (Latex or Oil Based)? Conventional alkyd paints dry by solvent evaporation and cure by oxidation in approximately five days to a hard, glossy finish that is simply unmatched by latex paints. Oil-based paint is more durable, but it takes longer to dry, and cleanup requires turpentine or paint thinner (mineral spirits). This oil base primer etches the metal surface providing maximum adhesion for the finish.